How To Keep Raccoons Out Of Your Garden

Just to refresh your memory, raccoons are tiny mammals measuring 2 to 3 feet in length and weighing approximately 10 to 30 pounds. These cute but mischievous critters have distinct black “masks” on their faces that characterize them as “bandits.” Even though they prefer living in areas with many trees and a source of water, a majority of them are raiding gardens because farmed lands are an easy source of food. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures (they feed at night), making it difficult for you to prevent them from destroying the produce in your garden that is why you should call raccoon removal when you notice these nasty animals. This article will disclose to you how to keep raccoons out of your garden.

How to scare raccoons out of your garden

1. Set live raccoon traps

If the raccoon problem persists, you can set live raccoon traps in your garden. Raccoons will virtually feed on anything including chicken necks, fish-flavored dry pet food, whole peanuts, ears of corn, and much more. Use a heavy cage trap and ensure you relocate the captured raccoons to an ideal area.

2. Use of an electric fence

Electric fencing is not only perfect for keeping away raccoons but also many other nasty critters. Install multiple electrified wires at different lengths. The objective should be to cover a 1-inch high area with live wires that run low, in the middle, and at the one-inch mark. Even though raccoons are intelligent and agile, electric fencing ensures that they can’t break into your garden without suffering a harmless, but deterring electric shock.

3. Grow tall varieties of plants

When it comes to keeping away raccoons, plant height is vital. The taller your garden plants, the difficult it is for raccoons to climb and devour. For corn farmers, tall varieties of corn include Lancelot, Kandy Korn, Silver Queen, and Platinum Lady.

4. Remove possible food sources

Besides stealing pet food, raccoons will also try to get food from garbage cans. Thus, if your home is near your garden, it is essential to eliminate any food sources. Secure trash cans and keep pet doors closed between dusk and dawn. What’s more? Seal any gaps or holes in roofs and attics and ensure your chimneys are capped.

5. Other essential preventive measures according to experienced seasoned gardeners.

-Plant squash around other plants.

-Put lights in the garden to scare sun-shy raccoons.

-Keep a dog that doesn’t mind the night shift in your yard.

Even though raccoons are omnivorous, they will be more than happy to feed on almost any growing plants in your garden, for instance, corn, grubs, potatoes, peas, and much more. Besides being great climbers, they are also remarkable runners, jumpers, and swimmers. Their five-toed forepaws make them pretty dexterous and agile enough to outsmart every human trap used to confuse them. If you follow the tips elaborated on this page, you will definitely keep these animal pests under control.